The Alpine Edge - The Absolute Alpine
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The Alpine Edge

Gaea/ Γαῖα/ noun
1. Earth. Life. Totality of Creatures. Mountain.

Atlas, the Greek titan, after being captured in a war against the Olympians, was eternally condemned to hold up the sky of the world. Fitting enough, his name means “to endure” and the place he stood, forever persevering, was known as The Edge.

The Alpine Edge is a not-for-profit organization focused on challenging youth leadership in their communities through outdoor, experiential learning.

We are founded on the basis that youth, through an experiential, wilderness-based learning platform, may begin to recognize transferable connections between challenges they face in the backcountry with those in their own communities.

We prioritize a wilderness setting that not only enhances the importance of the student decision-making process, but utilizes the natural environment to better expose participants to challenges throughout the programs. Through recreational activities, such as hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and river rafting, participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills, embrace challenging situations, and connect their leadership roles to potential areas of application beyond the course.

Each program of The Alpine Edge is lead by a group of instructors fully dedicated to supporting the progression of the course and the growth of its participants through wilderness experiences and mentorship. We are comprised of professional’s instructors who have strong backgrounds in outdoor education, technical training, wilderness medicine, and youth leadership programs. With experience in working for organizations such as The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), the International Wilderness Leadership School (IWLS), and numerous Universities and private organizations, our instructors take great care to ensure the safety and growth of our participants. We prioritize a personal connection with each individual student and operate on a 1:4 instructor/participant ratio. All of our instructors hold a minimum wilderness medical certifications of Wilderness First Responder, have passed a background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and are trained in the technical fields that are incorporated in the programs. The physical and emotional safety of our participants is our highest priority.

After completing a course with The Alpine Edge, it is our priority that participants feel prepared to embark in an active leadership role within their communities. One of the greatest factors that separate The Alpine Edge from other experiential learning programs is our commitment to continued mentorship with our participants long after the completion of their course. Each participant will be encouraged to identify a need with in there own community and seek advice on direction to effectively deliver a positive voice of change. Through continued mentorship, challenges faced and overcome on the course, and leadership-based skills, participants of The Alpine Edge have made drastic, positive, impacts on their communities and have taken substantial steps in growth as individuals.

The Absolute Alpine loves the places we go. Sharing those places and experiencing the awe of nature, the reward of teamwork, the success of a summit, and the local culture, are all highlights of our expeditions.

Contact The Alpine Edge

Address: 110 East 3rd ST. #211, Rifle, Colorado 81650
Phone: (970) 984‐8088