The Absolute Way - The Absolute Alpine
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The Absolute Way

Supporting the goals and ambitions of climbers, skiers, and outdoor adventures, From the Rockies to the World

We’ll show you the way

The Absolute Way is the standard on which we base our professional practice. It is the compilation of many years of experience, guide collaboration, and guest feedback that has motivated us to challenge the standard approach of guiding in order to produce more confident, aware, and skilled guests. By prioritizing low guide-to-client ratios, and increasing support and instruction, our guests experience more safety, comfort, and summit success than feasible in a large group setting. We’ve employed this focus from Colorado 14’ers to Himalayan Peaks and are extremely proud of the success of our guests in the mountains!

In the weeks leading up to your climb, we work closely with you to monitor your training program and serve as a resource for practical training exercises specific to your personal expedition.

It’s not uncommon to speak directly with your guide on multiple occasions before a trip and we welcome all inquires to our professional training and nutrition staff.

Because we prioritize small, custom, adventures, we have the flexibility to meet as a group prior to the start of our expedition. We’ve found this extremely beneficial for our guests as many of them have teamed-­up to undertake recommended training climbs and to share strategy and tips for fitness.

Thank you for considering The Absolute Alpine! From your initial contact with us to well after your expedition has completed, we’re confident you’ll experience an unmatched level of service and success!

The Absolute Alpine is proud to support The Alpine Edge; a non-profit organization focused on the personal and professional growth of teens and young adults through challenging outdoor programs. Every trip you take supports their mission!