The Absolute Alpine - The Absolute Alpine
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The Absolute Alpine

About the Absolute Alpine

The Absolute Alpine is a small, technical-focused, professional guide service that seeks to support the goals and ambitions of climbers, skiers, and outdoor adventurers, from the Rockies to the world. Based in Rifle, Colorado, we’ve been motivated to bring new mountain experiences to our guests since 2014. Our programs operate on a very personalized level, allowing us to cater each trip to the skillset and comfort of our guests. Through our year-round adventures, which encompass rock and ice climbing, alpine peak climbs, hut-based ski tours, and backpacking trips, we are able to offer you a quality mountain experience no matter the season.

We understand and share your desire to experience the mountains, and even more so, we understand the sacrifices and commitment it takes to make such trips possible.

With this in mind, we take pride in how well crafted and organized our guides and programs are. We work hard to ensure that our priorities of staying safe, providing a great experience, and successfully completing our objective remain precedent throughout the trip. We believe our high level of training and instruction, along with the professional direction and leadership of our guides is what keeps guests coming back to improve their skills and embark on bigger mountain adventures!

We’ve guided expeditions, ski descents, and many other adventures all around the world and are proud of our success. Our guides have the highest training available and hold advanced certifications from the American Mountain Guide Association, Wilderness Medicine International, American Avalanche Association, Leave No Trace Ethics and more. They are there to ensure your safety, enjoyment, and success in the mountains!

We feel very fortunate to interact with locals and guests from so many backgrounds and such diverse culture—both internationally and domestically. Embracing our strong desire to better the lives of the local people to whose areas we visit, we’ve partnered with The Alpine Edge.

The Absolute Alpine loves the places we go. Sharing those places and experiencing the awe of nature, the reward of teamwork, the success of a summit, and the local culture, are all highlights of our expeditions.

Embracing our strong desire to better the lives of the local people to whose areas we visit, The Absolute Alpine is proud to support The Alpine Edge; a non-profit organization focused on the personal and professional growth of teens and young adults through challenging outdoor programs.