Strength Training for Climbers - The Absolute Alpine
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Strength Training for Climbers

Strength Training for Climbers

This (2) day clinic will focus on next-step possibilities for climbers who are looking to build strength and endurance needed to progress to more committing terrain. The content of this clinic can be applied to climbers very new to the sport, those transitioning to outdoor climbing, or those with a strong foundation hoping to take the next step to establish new goals. This clinic will utilize the natural rock walls of Rifle Mountain Park as well as a gym facility to introduce strength-training exercises that will help expand your potential and provide a foundational regiment that can be continued beyond this course. We will focus on technique while using low-resistance training methods and work to correct old habits and build new ones in proper form. A strong emphasis will be placed on establishing a proper and consistent warm-up routine, recognizing areas of potential physical strain, and becoming in-tune with your bodies ability to recover and build muscle. Through a strong interest in teaching technique, we’ve seen guests successful jump one full climbing grade after completing this course.

The guides of Rifle Climbing Guides are accomplished instructors and climbers. Aspects of this training have been directly applied and credited to their own success.

Because we prioritize the goals and expectations of our guests, this clinic will be run at a 2:1 guide/participant ratio and be focused on the goals of the participants. Dates apply to Rifle & Golden locations.

Dates & Locations

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