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Learn to Lead

Learning to lead climb is the next step beyond top-rope climbing, and a natural progression as a climber. Being able to lead climb confidently will increase your level of safety and make your overall experience much more rewarding.

Once you’ve established confidence in top-rope climbing and are comfortable with your movement ability, considering learning to lead climb is a great next step. Like top-rop climbing, knowing the fundamentals and taking the time establish a solid foundation is crucial. During this clinic, you’ll take the time to go over lead climber commands, rope management, positions of balance, clipping, and anchor management. Being able to confidently employ these skills will drastically improve your ability to focus on the climbing. Your guide will instruct you through a ground-school demonstration, as well as through live leading scenario, and help you being the route selection for your own lead route. This course is a great starting point for climbers looking to lead their first route, as well as for climbers looking to become more efficient in their own lead-climbing style. We’ve found that registering as climbing partners helps build trust and a new level of foundation skill as you move into lead climbing together.

Learn to Lead

This program is offered on a full-day basis only and is run at 2:1 guide / participant ratio

  • Full Day

    • Price: $295 (1) / $525 (2)
    • Includes: Guide, Park Entrance Fee, Climbing Equipment, Transportation To & From Rifle Mountain Park, Lunch
    • Not Included: Guide Gratuity & Trip Cancellation Insurance