Rifle Mountain Park - The Absolute Alpine
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Rifle Mountain Park

With it’s convenient location nestled in the flattop region just north of I-70, Rifle Mountain Park is one of the most accessible and striking natural features in western Colorado.

As you approach the canyon mouth, the towering limestone walls give way to beautiful plateaus in the distance and the crystal-clear waters of Rifle Creek that runs through the canyon bottom. Rifle Mountain Park came into ownership by the town of Rifle in 1921 under an Act passed by congress, allowing municipalities the chance to claim land for park use.

About Rifle Mountain Park

This area has been a long time favorite of locals, who would migrate to the canyon during the hot summer days on the open plains of The Grand Valley. The cool creek and steep walls provided shade and the most narrow constriction of the canyon, known as Little Box Canyon, and the caves surrounding it, became a common picnic destination.

As a destination climbing area, today, over 400 routes are represented in Rifle Mountain Park, ranging from beginner to expert.

The details of climbing development in Rifle Mountain Park stretch far, but bolted routes came to the canyon in the early 1980’s. Still, By the mid 80’s only a handful of routes existed, but examples such as “Never Believe,” and “Rumor Has It,” still some of the best climbs in the canyon today, proved that quality climbing on the steep walls was possible and development took off! Numerous zones conducive to teaching rock rescue, anchor building, terrain management, and rappelling are also prevalent and serve as a great classroom

The crystal clear waters of Rifle Creek flow into the State-run fish hatchery that sits at the canyons mouth. Just downstream from the hatchery are the beautiful falls of Rifle Falls State Park.

*During high season, from May-September, parking in Rifle Falls State Park and Rifle Mountain Park can be challenging. If you’re planning a visit, please contact us for shuttle options or consider car-pooling from the town of Rifle, just 15 miles away. Transportation is included with any booking through RCG.

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Many recreationalists choose to enjoy the beauty, quietness, and pristine nature of this area. Please respect rules and visitors! More information can be found on the city’s website.