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Ice Climbing

Rifle Climbing Guides have guided ice climbing objectives throughout the world and find the ice steps of Rifle Mountain Park to be an excellent location to teach and build climbing skills.

The high elevation and tight canyon walls offer protected shade and cold temperatures, making this an ideal venue for ice climbing throughout Colorado’s winter, typically December-March. Our ice climbing trips cover the basic techniques associated with ice climbing and give participants a solid foundation to progress onto bigger and longer routes.

Ice Climbing and Hot Springs

January 19 – 20, February 2-3, and February 23-24, 2019

Join us for two days of ice climbing and hot springs in Ouray, CO with well-appointed accommodations at the Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs.

What: Ice climbing & Hot Springs in Ouray
When: Jan 19-20, Feb 2-3, and Feb 23-24
Where: Stay and Relax at Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Spring
Cost: $385 per person. Includes guide services, equipment, hot springs pass, and welcome dinner.

Intro to Ice

Half-Day +/-4hrs | Full-Day +/- 7hrs

If you’ve ever been curious about ice climbing, or have tried in the past and would love to again, this is a great trip to join! The ice in Rifle Mountain Park is very accessible and the route options are great for beginners and novices looking to experience the thrill of this winter activity.  Our “Intro to Ice” will cover climbing technique, efficiency, helpful tips for winter climbing, and much more, as your guide shows you the beauty of Rifle Mountain Park.  We cater our trips to families and climbers of all ages and offer this trip on full and half day basis.  No previous experience is required and all necessary equipment is provided.

Learn to Lead

Full-Day +/- 7hrs

When it comes to leading ice, managing risk and establishing measurable levels of safety are essential to both the leader and belayer. This course will focus on efficiency as a climber and progress through skills and techniques needed to become a safe and confident leader on ice. We’ve worked with folks who have only been top-rope ice climbing for one season and have been able to provide the instruction and coaching to take them to the lead level.

Advanced Ice Climbing

Half-Day +/-4hrs | Full-Day +/- 7hrs

Our advanced level programs for climbers how are comfortable with the fundamentals of ice climbing and have a solid level of proficiency as leader (WI3). The aim of this program is to provide climbers with the insight needed to advance their skill, as well as expose them to steeper, longer routes that will push their fitness level and build the mental strength needed to take on multi-pitch ice routes in more committing terrain. Our guides will work with you through giving specific instruction and quality feedback to help you become stronger, well-rounded climber.

Ice Cave Tours

Half-Day +/-4hrs

The ice caves of Rifle Mountain Park are a unique feature to the Rockies and offer a wonderful family outing. A trail system that runs below the cliffs and over bridges connects multiple ice caves that form as beautiful curtains hanging from he canyon rim. This half-day adventure provides great photo opportunities of the ice caves, climbers, and Rifle Mountain Park in it’s wonderful winter settings.