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Anne Gibbs

“I’m the happiest when I’m capturing beautiful moments in the lives of the people I interact with and love spending time climbing and exploring new areas. My work and love for climbing     has taken me to Haiti, Nepal, Europe, Canada, and all over the United States. I especially love the journey of alpine climbing!”

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Sharing stories has always been a passion and became Anne’s motivation for pursuing a career in documentary film production. Unknowing of where this would take her, in 2009 she committed to working a gig in Colorado; shooting an adventure-style video in the mountains—it was there in Estes Park that she found her inner mountain woman! After a summer of hiking, climbing, and exploring the Rockies, she knew she was hooked and decided to continue her pursuits of adventure and film in Colorado.

Some of Anne’s favorite climbing routes include ice and alpine objectives throughout the Canadian Rockies and Western CO. She loves ice climbing and has worked on a number of all-female climbing film projects throughout the U.S. Anne lives with husband, and adventure-loving dog, Paige, and operates a media production and consulting company, An AcB Production.

Tim Benson

“Getting outside and having a blast is what it’s all about! I’m excited to guide folks who are really interested in learning and trying new activities outside and I know western Colorado has endless possibilities of places to do that!”

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Tim grew up rock climbing on the famed quartzite of the ‘Gunks in New York. His passion for climbing and instructing guests in the mountains has taken him throughout the Northeast, Colorado, Utah, Alaska, Germany, Africa, South America, and Mexico. Tim has guided alpine climbs throughout Ecuador and has an amazing ability to teach avalanche and wilderness medicine curriculum. When not guiding rock climbing, mountaineering, and ski mountaineering courses around the world, he can be found pickin’ a string instrument in the good company of his wife, Andrea, and their two dogs. Tim speaks Spanish, is a Wilderness EMT, and is pursuing graduate studies in the medical field and is excited about the possibilities that exist between medicine and backcountry activities.

Luke Eckhoff

“I’m a previous river rat, currently taking a hiatus from the water, and am excited about teaching and instructing throughout the Cascades and Western CO! I am a certified in Pre-Hospital Life Support and also work as an EMT.”

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Luke began rock climbing is his youth and has guided many trips to the granite and the High Peaks of New Yorks Adirondacks Mountains. While perusing his degree in Aviation Technology and completing his commercial pilots license in Washington, he spent extended time on alpine climbs throughout the Cascade Range. It was through this alpine environment that Luke became truly hooked on the big mountains and loves continuing to climb and guide numerous routes on the volcanoes of Mt. Rainier, Shuksan, Baker, Hood, and Mt. Adams, along with rock routes at Index and throughout western Colorado.

Joda Hankins

“What excites me the most about guiding and instructing in Rifle Mountain Park is the prospect to introduce locals and visitors to the canyon, and the awesome year-round potential that exists through climbing. I’ve been exploring the Rockies for years and love the environment that RMP offers.”

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Joda has been instructing mountain courses and guiding climbing and peak objectives for over 10 years. He grew up exploring the hills of Tennessee and eventually made his way west where, along side his University studies, he focused on climbing and skiing throughout remote zones of the Colorado Rockies.
His professional career includes remote expeditions to numerous peaks throughout the Himalaya, Andes, and Alaska. He has worked significantly in the Cascades, having guided over a dozen major volcanoes and extended backcountry courses in Washington and Oregon. As a year-round mountain guide, Joda enjoys sharing the natural and human history of an area with his guests, specifically how climbing and exploration has played a role in it.

Joda is a guide and the North American representative for Japan Ski Tours. He has guided extended backcountry courses for The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), worked with youth through the Colorado Mountain Club, instructed technical-focused courses for private organizations and has served as Program Coordinator and Operations Manager throughout the industry. He reached over 160 field days and consistently leads 5 expeditions a year.

  • Professional Member of the American Mountain Guide Assoc.
  • AMGA: Rock, Alpine, Ice, & Ski courses
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • AIARE Level II
  • Leave No Trace Master Educator

Ray Hughes

“My background as a runner has helped immensely in my dedication to instructing and training guests for the mountains. I enjoy working with others to help them reach their goals, and sharing how transferable small outdoor successes can be to real-life situations. The Absolute Absolute Alpine works in terrain and through programs that do exactly this.”

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Ray Hughes is an American Aspirant Mountain Guide based in Colorado. He grew up exploring the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Ranges, but the lure of bigger objectives led him to travel throughout Canada, Iceland, Switzerland, France, Bavaria, Austria and Italy.
His intense passion for mountains, travel, and curiosity about other cultures led him to pursue the highest level of instruction from the American Mountain Guides Association, where he has earned full Aspirant Guide status. Ray is an AIARE avalanche educator and risk management consultant for professional athletes and photographers. Previously, he was a 4 x All American in Track and Field and ran professionally after graduating from the University of Missouri. On occasion, he was known to run a sub four-minute mile.
Ray credits a lot of opportunity with the support of Fatypus Skis, Backcountry Access, and Free The Powder Gloves. In his free time, he enjoys trail jogging, fly-fishing, and researching the next destination.

  • Professional Member of the American Mountain Guides Assoc.
  • AMGA Aspirant Mountain Guide
  • Certified Avalanche Level III Avalanche Forecasting and Advanced Rescue
  • Certified Avalanche Level I Course Leader and Instructor
  • Wilderness First Responder