The Efficient Climber - The Absolute Alpine
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The Efficient Climber

Progressing skill by building confidence & efficiency

Throughout many of our programs, we’ve fielded questions on certain techniques that climbers can learn to improve their skills and confidence to take on longer routes, climb with more experienced partners, and increase their over all efficiency. With the insight of our guides, and feedback from our guests, we’ve created a program that will not only teach you skills to becoming a more efficient climber, but one that will give you the opportunity to apply newly-learned techniques  in the terrain that best fits your goals as an individual.

One of the most critical areas of learning that we see in participants new to technical-focused courses is the need to practice technique and order of systems properly and fluidly.

By prioritizing a small group, this course will cover methods to help simplify climbing systems, introduce new applications for aspects of rope management, alpine movement, gear selection, etc. and will continue to build your skills, confidence, and efficiency in your chosen terrain.


*Custom bookings available with (2) weeks notice